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Yoga Boss Podcast 

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From Yoga Teacher To Yoga Boss.

The only podcast for ambitious yoga teachers who know the real value of yoga. Where Business coach and Yoga Teacher, Jackie Skinner, teaches you how to rewire your brain to confidently leap from employee to yoga entrepreneur. Ready to make 100K?

Ep #30: Make Offers, Make Money 

Making offers is how you make money in your business.
You have everything you need now to make money, go offer your help.  

The first day that you make an offer is the first day that you are in business.
The more offers that you make, the more money you will make.
Make your offer's direct, compelling.
Do this consistently.

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Ep #29: The Sold Out Mindset 

True, lasting change does not come from willpower or force. In order to consistently sell out your classes, you need to master The Sold Out Mindset. 

The Sold Out Mindset is the fastest, most simple way of creating a six-figure yoga business. In this podcast, I teach you why it is so important to master The Sold Out Mindset, and 3 mindset shifts you have to make. 

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Ep #28: How To Sell Out Your Class in 3 Steps.  

Ever wondered how to sell out your yoga class? Instead of focusing on hands-on assist, using names, or creating a unique experience, I am giving you 3 proven steps to take to sell out your paid offer. 

Implementing these three steps is easy, doable, and FUN. Selling out your classes shouldn't be something that happens by chance or luck, I'll teach you how to consistently sell out your offer class after class. 

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Ep #27: Your Manager Score.  

When we set out to build a six-figure yoga business, there are three roles we have to play: Entrepreneur, Manager, Employee

Each role is important. What will determine your long term success though, is your internal manager.
This is a must-listen episode to cultivate a highly functional team for your business, even if you are going at it alone. 

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