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About Jackie Skinner

You were born to teach yoga.

You were born to change the world, one student at a time.

But you cannot help your students if you are trapped in the drama of your mind.

It's finally time to STOP telling yourself it's not possible to make money as a Yoga Teacher, and build the business you want.

Maybe you want to introduce people to yoga for the very first time. 

Maybe you want to help your students grow stronger, mentally and physically. 

Maybe you were born to help your students feel less anxiety. 

Teaching Yoga is how you are going to help them, but only if you overcome your doubt. 

As the Coach for ambitious yoga teachers, I will help you overcome doubt and finally make a living as a full time yoga teacher. 

I had to do this myself. 

I was certain that it was NOT possible to make a living teaching yoga. 

Unless you owned a studio.

Unless you had your 500 RYT certification.

Unless you were 'lucky' enough to grow your Instagram following. 

I spent years hustling. Making barely enough money to pay for rent.

I finally called bullshit. 

I had to call bullshit on the Yoga Industry. Why do we all believe it's not possible? 

I had to call bullshit on my own mind. 

I had to believe I could make money as a Yoga Teacher. 

I had to learn how to own my value. 

I learned how to honor the value of yoga. 




Your students are waiting.

Using cognitive based science combined with a decade of experience, I will teach you how to rewire your brain to confidently leap from employee to entrepreneur. 

I'll teach you step by step how I quadrupled my income teaching yoga. 

We will bust through any of your fears. 

We will double down on confidence. 

We will build the business you want. 

So that you don't just dream about a career teaching yoga, you go OUT and GET IT. 



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