How to stop beating yourself up.

When I first started building my yoga business, I totally thought I could do it all on my own.

I thought, "Of course, I can figure this out by myself."

So I would GO for it.

Here's what would happen:

I'd take action.

Do something big!

Have it not work (I was looking for immediate results).
Then, I would feel like crap.

Beat myself up for feeling like crap.

Give up, and give over to feeling like crap.

And finally, stop taking massive action.


On my own, I got trapped in the spin cycle of action, fail, shame, blame, judgment, hide.

This is where so many yoga teachers, just like me, get stuck.

This is where so many dreams just fade away.

So if you are in the place of wanting to do it all 'by yourself,' I have a tip for you.

Take along grace, compassion, and love.

Have your own back even when things don't go the way you want.

End the spin cycle.

Try this exercise:

I am AMAZING even when....

Fill in 5 things, both positive and negative.

I am awesome when...

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Why is it important to have a relationship with you life?


I recently recorded this for aSweatlife's ambassador's monthly workshop program. However, it is beneficial for us all. Have you ever considered the relationship you have with your life? Why would you? Listen in as we dive into this concept.

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What beliefs are holding you back?


Today, I taught my first yoga class in New York.

It felt amazing. Like, damn good to be teaching again.

I remember a conversation I had with a fellow yoga teacher YEARS ago.

We both agreed that as a yoga teacher relocating would be incredibly hard.

We both thought moving would detrimental to our success.

"It takes time to build connections with a new studio."

"You'll have to take their training before you can teach."

"You have to put in the time in one studio to be hired."

These beliefs kept me small.

Honestly, they probably kept me in Raleigh past my expiration date.

We all hold beliefs that unknowingly block us from achieving our goals.

They are like giant walls.

You've got to peer over that wall.

See what is possible when you tear the belief down.

Turns out you can move to a new city and teach in less than 3 weeks.

What is possible when you stop telling yourself it's not?

Let's go for that.
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Y’all, I swear my life changes every single time I get on the phone with my coach. 

This past week on our call she asked me, “Why haven’t you made 100K as a yoga teacher yet?” 
I wanted to rattle off a million reasons why it is so hard to make money as a yoga teacher. 
But I knew the truth behind all of it. 
I didn’t believe it was possible. 
I haven’t made 100K as a yoga teacher because I never even considered that it was a possibility. 
I pulled out my tax returns for the past few years. 
The first year after I left my salaried position with Lululemon to teach yoga,  I made $15,000. I could NOT believe it. I literally laughed out loud looking at that number cause it is going to make one hell of a story. 
In 2018 I made over 60K, better, but not 100K. Now I’ve got a goal to double it. I’ve got a goal to blow my own mind and make over 6 figures as...
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Are you an under earner?


Are you underearning as a yoga teacher?

Underearning is a concept I learned this week from Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach School.

She defines underearning as, "Earning less than your capable of when you desire to earn more."

Now, I understand there are yoga teachers who don't want to earn more money.
They are content with the amount they are currently earning.

That's not who I am talking to.

I am speaking to those yoga teachers who have the ambition, drive, and desire to earn more than they are currently.

I am speaking to those yoga teachers who believe and know they are capable of earning more.

If that's you, keep on reading.

I hear this all the time, "I am a yoga teacher so I can't make a lot of money because that is all the studios will pay. "

This belief if what is holding you back.

The truth is, the amount of money you earn is entirely up to you.

What if you said instead, "I am a yoga teacher and I want to make 100K."

What are the possibilities?

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If you're a new yoga teacher, you've got to read this.

I've lead around 5 Yoga Teachers Trainings.

Most of the Yoga Teacher Training's had an average of 12 people.
Out of those 12, typically 3-4 people go on to teach yoga.
I've had just ONE person go on to make it a full-time career.

It's not because the student isn't passionate enough.
It's not because the training is too intensive or difficult.
It's not because they are too busy.
It's not because the market is oversaturated.

The ONLY reason why these yoga teachers don't make it is simply that they quit.

Some new teachers quit during training. They decide at some point the other person in the group is 'better' than them or 'they aren't meant to teach.' They lose all their confidence and quietly give up on their dream of teaching yoga.

Some new teachers quit when training is over. It is tough work to put yourself out there and find students to teach.

Some teachers quit after a few months, or even years, of 'giving it a good shot.' They tell themselves it's just not possible to make a living...

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