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I know what it is like to be a passionate yoga teacher struggling to make ends meet.


To take training after training. 

To teach class for less than what you're worth. 

Trying to build a successful career but not really getting anywhere. 

Then reconsidering grad school, because we aren't sure teaching yoga will work. 

Then repeating it all again. 




It's time to CHANGE the Yoga Industry.

It's time to break out of being just an employee, and learn what no one has ever taught before.

How to feel confident doing something you've never done before. 

How to believe in yourself as the perfect teacher for your students. 

How to charge for yoga based on the value of your product. 

How to test, evaluate and keeping showing up for yourself. 

How to shift from employee to entrepreneur. 

It's time to be a Yoga Boss. 

Are you ready? 

This is the work we've been born to do. 

This will up level your business, in every single way. 

Getting your business off the ground takes three simple steps. 

You will learn how to show up consistently. 

You will learn how to be clear. 

You will learn how to connect. 

This is about building your dream business. 

Hell, this is about building your dream life. 

Are you ready? 

I work 1-1 with my clients to overcome doubt and build confidence. 

I give you the tools to build your business from the ground up. 

This isn’t entry level information though.

I set my clients up on a fast track to loving their career as a Yoga Teacher. 


Let me tell you what this program is NOT.

This program is not about manifestation. 

This program is not about positive affirmations. 

This program is not about building a website. 

This program is not a mentor-ship for your teaching skills. 

This program is an intense and thorough process – there is a method and it works. 

We are going to uncover what is going on in your brain, rewire it for success, and build the business you want. 
It will be The Work of your life, but IT works.


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